Saturday, January 15, 2011

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Badass Blogger Call

Hollaback embodies all that is strong, powerful, and badass about being a woman today, and reflects a global female solidarity that knows no racial, age, or geographic boundaries. As such, we seek three men or women who can represent and illustrate these values in written form.

Selected writers need to be able to commit to blogging a minimum of twice per week about key stories and milestones in the anti-harassment movement in a voice that is bold and street harassment savvy.

Interested candidates should submit a sample piece for publication by February 10, 2011 on a topic that you feel is important, timely, and of interest to Hollaback readers. Accompanying your piece should be a brief description of you, why the anti-harassment movement is important to you, and how you represent a unique voice.

Bloggers will be selected for diversity of voice and quality of writing and can hail from anywhere in the world. To submit your sample piece and accompanying information, please email everything in the body of an email to

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This blog is dedicated to women all over the world and all things women, with a strong focus on the vagina area and all things vagina. It's not a porn blog, per se, but it may mention porn on occasion. It's more about the magic within that special part that only us ladies have, and the bizarre, complex creativity, art and inspiration that has been drawn from it. Welcome to LadyTowne! Please submit your vagina art, stories of female triumph whether they be gut busters or buzz kills and any other items you think would be pertinent for LadyTowne. This blog is for you and all your ladies! Share it and love it.